When I was a boy, I grew up on C.S. Forester’s tales of Horatio Hornblower as he

struggled against Napoleon and the French navy. Through that wonderful series of

books the unassuming Horatio rose from an unconfident mid-shipman at the beginning,

to a battle-hardened admiral at the end, always rising to whatever challenge C.S. threw

at him. That is what made him such a memorable and inspiring character. A good, more

recent example of this is Clancy’s Jack Ryan and his multi-volume fight against some of

the most evil of evil-doers.

Without a rough ride, without dismal failures to hold in contrast against glorious

victories, otherwise good stories and good characters lose their emotional impact. As a

writer, I always try to keep this in mind.

As a reader, you should too.

In keeping with that sentiment, I'm happy to announce that I've just recently launched my second novel: The Caruso Collection.

For a link to it's Amazon page and for more details about the story-line check out my Caruso Collection book page. And don't forget my first book, The Lost Revolution. If you like historical adventures, this may be the book for you. More info at my Lost Revolution book page.  And here's a link to the 5-star review from Readers Favorites:  https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/the-lost-revolution

I hope that your taste in reading will coincide with my tastes in writing and that you’ll be able to join my heroes, Julian North and Nate Parks as they face daunting odds, unexpected dangers and tragic consequences. Be forewarned –

both will be getting a rough ride.

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