Tom Ulicny

Writer, Traveler, Dad

I've sharpened my writing skills along a successful but circuitous career path in the business world while sharing with my wife the wonderful work of raising three daughters here in the Detroit area. I now write full time and have 2.75 novels to my credit with more to come. (Yes, I used to be an engineer) Besides writing, I enjoy guitar (a plucker more than a picker) and woodworking.

My latest project was a patio table out of cedar that turned out pretty well. We'll see how well the marine varnish holds up to the weather.

I like to travel and have been to just about every state. I've motorcycled around Oahu, zip-lined down Freemont street, staked mining claims in Montana and have gone on camping trips ranging from the deserts of southern California to the shores of Lake Superior in Copper Harbor. I’ve been to Europe a few times, and have sailed the Caribbean and have traveled in Asia. I enjoy experiencing different foods and cultures and still have hopes of spending a couple of weeks in Costa Rica one of these days. I've been going over my Spanish with increasing intensity but increasingly poor results. If anyone has suggestions for good places to stay in Costa Rica, let me know.

I've always had an interest in writing and I like to say that I focus on the genre of whatever I feel like at the time. That's not to say I'm frivolous with what I choose to write about, I just don't like to pigeon-hole myself.  My first novel (historical adventure) was launched last year. I've just released a second (murder mystery) and my third (a road-trip adventure) is taking shape as I write this. If you have a chance to read any or all of them, let me know what you think. I'm always happy to get good suggestions and thoughtful feedback.

My goal with this web site is to expand my horizons a bit, get to know some new people and to share my writing in the process. Thanks for visiting, Be sure to come back soon so you can see how that marine varnish thing goes - exciting stuff!

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