A Historical Adventure on Land and Sea

“Brilliant descriptions…A complex mystery…exciting action makes this book very difficult to put down,” raves the 5-Star review from Readers' Favorite

In 1881, an old diary is found on the shelves of an antiquities shop in Victorian London. Hired to translate it from its original French is Julian North, a young file clerk for the London Times. He spends weeks poring over the brittle pages, uncovering the story of an ill-fated idealist, an epic sea battle, and an abandoned army lost in the Egyptian desert. But, hidden within a puzzling code, the diary holds secrets. A mysterious visitor and a night of violence soon reveal just how dangerous these secrets are — to Julian and to the world. From a safe but aimless existence, Julian is pulled into a fire-storm as grand causes clash around him on the world stage. It's a game of high stakes where, not only Julian's fate but the fate of nations, hang in the balance.



Two Artists, a Murder, and a Dark Secret from the Distant Past

4-Stars from Readers Favorite   

Nate and Peter had been pals since the fifth grade. But Peter’s fate had been decided long before that.

Once promising artist, Peter Caruso, has not been seen or heard from in five years. When he is found shot to death in a dingy New York City apartment, Nate Parks, his boyhood friend, is horrified. Who on earth would want to kill Peter? And where had Peter been for those five long years? As Nate deals with his own struggles in the New York City art scene, his search for answers only leads to more questions, about Peter and about the paintings he left behind. Risking more than he realizes, Nate works his way into the dark and dangerous world of a Peter Caruso he never knew. It’s within that world that he finally uncovers long-buried secrets, eventually learning the truth behind Peter’s death and the truth behind a group of forty masterpieces that come to be known as The Caruso Collection.





A road-trip, science-adventure scheduled for launch in early 2017.

Jake Barrows is a down-on-his-luck under-achiever living in Miami. When he signs up to be a pilot escort driver for a wide-load rig carrying a ten-ton box to Tucson, he gets more than he bargained for—and so does the world.