In 1881, an old diary is found on the shelves of an antiquities shop in Victorian London. Hired to translate it from its original French is Julian North, a young file clerk for the London Times. He spends weeks poring over the brittle pages, uncovering the story of an ill-fated idealist, an epic sea battle, and an abandoned army lost in the Egyptian desert. But, hidden within a puzzling code, the diary holds secrets. A mysterious visitor and a night of violence soon reveal just how dangerous these secrets are — to Julian and to the world. From a safe but aimless existence, Julian is pulled into a fire-storm as grand causes clash around him on the world stage. It's a game of high stakes where, not only Julian's fate but the fate of nations, hang in the balance.

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Brilliant descriptions, a complex mystery, and a fantastic naval adventure make The Lost Revolution by Tom Ulicny an exciting story well worth reading. Set in the turbulent time period of the late 1800s, international intrigue, death of long-held empires, and the birth of independence in the Ottoman Empire provide the backdrop for a well-crafted mystery. Strong characters and exciting action make this book very difficult to put down, and misguided goals of men seeking freedom provide food for thought over 100 years after the fact. I recommend The Lost Revolution highly as an excellent look at an interesting point in history.



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The Lost Revolution
By Tom Ulicny